14 years of Timber Composite Technology

Timber as a traditional construction material shows many economic and ecologic advantages. Lots of people believe the possibilities of this natural product to be already completely exhausted. But we believe that there is a very high potential for further timber processing in sensible combination with other materials. Therefore TiComTec GmbH, short for Timber Composite Technology, was launched in 2006 by Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Rainer Bahmer.

With our visionary composites HBV systems (timber and concrete composite) and HSK systems (timber and steel adhesive bond) we exploit this existing potential. As experts in timber composite construction we realize modern timber composite buildings worldwide with our planning and structure planning as well as with our designs. In the same way we deal with modernization and conservation of existing, also historic structures.


For the innovative adhesive timber composite systems TiComTec GmbH holds two general technical approvals of DIBt:

Approval number Z-9.1-557:
Timber and concrete composite system (HBV systems) with glued-in shear connectors

Approval number Z-9.1-770:
Timber and steel adhesive bond system (HSK systems) with glued-in HSK connectors