10 Years of Timber
Composite Technology.

Wood, as a traditional building material, offers many economic and environmental advantages. Many people believe that the options for using this naturally occurring product have already been fully exhausted. However, we believe that there is extremely high potential for using wood further through intelligent combination with other materials. With this in mind, TiComTec GmbH (short for Timber Composite Technology) was set up in 2006 by qualified engineer Rainer Bahmer.

With visionary connections, such as the HBV system (wood-concrete composite) and HSK system (wood-steel composite adhesive), we are able to make full use of this existing potential. As experts in timber composite construction, we create modern timber composite buildings based on our planning and structural design skills. We also modernize and maintain existing buildings, including historic structures.

Solutions by

TiComTec GmbH has two general building authority approvals for innovative timber composite systems, issued by the DIBt (German Institute for Construction Technology):


Approval number Z-9.1-557:
Wood-concrete composite system (HBV system) with glued-in HBV shear connectors



Approval number Z-9.1-770:
Wood-steel composite adhesive system (HSK system) with glued-in HSK connectors