Product Information
and Specifications.

For over 10 years, TiComTec has focused on development and structural engineering for modern timber composite buildings, as well as the modernization and maintenance of existing buildings. You can find all the relevant background information and specifications about our extensive timber composite technology product range and how to use our products in our categorized download section. We have collected together all the documents of possible interest to you, such as certifications, approvals, brochures, and data sheets, in a variety of languages, and made them available in our download center. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any further specific questions about our HBV or HSK systems and how to customize them for your own individual construction projects.


Technichal Dossier HBV-Systems pdf
RFQ Form HBV-Acoustic Floor pdf
RFQ Form HBV-Beam Floor pdf
RFQ Form HBV-Hollow Box Floor pdf
RFQ Form HBV-Box Floor pdf
RFQ Form HBV-Plate Floor pdf
RFQ Form HBV-System Upgrade pdf
RFQ Form HBV-Vario Floor pdf


Wood-concrete composite (HBV): Comparison of current connectors pdf