Aggerbridge, Lohmar, GER

  • KategorieBridges
  • KundeBauamt Rhein-Sieg District Building Authority
  • LandGermany
  • Jahr2013-14
  • FlächeLength 40,00 m
    Span 28,00 m
    Width 5,30 m
  • MaterialConcrete, wood
  • ProjektteamIngenieurbüro Miebach
    Schaffitzel Holzindustrie GmbH
    TiComTec GmbH
  • FotosTiComTec GmbH

Our area of expertise includes the structural engineering of bridges with a wood-concrete composite structure. This is highly sustainable, unlike traditional stone, concrete, or steel structures. Through the use of wood elements in the tension zone and the curved shape, the Agger Bridge is integrated elegantly into the natural river landscape.


The concrete floor provides a solid road surface and protects the wood components beneath it from weathering. The combination of the two materials – wood and concrete – reduces the cross-sectional areas while ensuring an even load capacity. The tensile bracing on the two outer bearings ensures the necessary stability. Innovative in terms of both technology and look – a wood-concrete composite bridge, enabled by HBV systems.