World Conference on Timber Engineering WCTE 2016.

We are really looking forward to August 22 this year. The whole world of timber construction will be getting together in Vienna at the “World Conference on Timber Engineering”, or WCTE for short. Running until August 26, around 1,300 participants from all over the world will be exchanging information about new research and innovations in timber engineering at this event.

There will be 650 presentations at the WCTE – an impressive number that really shows the extent of interest in timber construction. Every possible timber subject area will be covered (including architecture and use in practice), as well as the latest research results.

Prof. Leander Bathon from RheinMain University will give a presentation on research results relating to the use of beechwood with glued-in steel components.

A new high point in global networking will be reached with this conference, connecting hundreds of timber construction engineers and manufacturers, architects, planners, designers, scientists, and researchers.

The Arkadenhof at the University of Vienna is the perfect backdrop for this. As befits our 10-year anniversary, we will be at WCTE with our own stand in the Arkadenhof for the first time this year as a sponsor. We are hoping for plenty of exciting discussions and an interesting exchange of thoughts and opinions.

Please see the map for the location of our stand in the Arkadenhof.

We look forward to seeing you there!