HBV references | Höngesberger Bridge Lohmar, Germany

CLIENT: City of Lohmar
COUNTRY: Deutschland
YEAR: 2013/2014
SURFACE: 2 Foreland bridges á 10 m
Wooden arch bridge 45 m
MATERIALS: concrete, timber, steel
PROJEKT TEAM: Ingenieurbüro Mietach
Schaffitzel Holzindustrie GmbH
TiComTec GmbH

Our scope also includes the structural planning of bridges built in timber and concrete composite. This is especially lasting compared to common constructions made of stone, concrete or steel.

The 10 m long foreland bridges were built in timber and concrete composite construction as a single span girder. With timber beams in the draw zone and the concrete layer in the pressure zone a sustainable and lean construction could be realized. This way during floods there will be enough space even in the bank zone to allow the water to drain unobstructedly.