With the timber and steel adhesive bond systems (HSK systems) with glued-in HSK plates we have developed a system which combines the advantages of both materials timber and steel. Only the almost stark connection of timber with steel plates in our HSK system allows new fields of application for bending resistent frame corners, full joints, shear force reinforcements, high suspension and many more.

Our HSK systems offer you unique and comprehensive application possibilities!


We gladly offer you our various supplies and services:


Detailed advice concerning composite construction with glued-in steel parts from an ecological and economical point of view.


Developing statical calculations for the HSK systems, considering load capacity and usability.


General and object specific coachings for executives and implementing staff in the factory, on the construction site or with us, e.g. about effects of adhesives, implementation of adhesives, quality control, glue approval etc.

SUPPLY of system components

according to general technical approval Z-9.1-770

  • Delivery of HSK plates according to the static demands
  • HSK adhesives in cartridges or in large containers à 20 kg
  • Manual syringe guns, compressed air guns & additional items


HSK systems are used for building an almost stark connection of timber and steel:

More advantages of HSK systems:

  • The timber parts with HSK composites show substantial advantages concerning statics, thus you have leaner construction parts for the architecture.
  • The utilisation of the timber in the HSK system connecting area is about 95 % in contrast to 60 % using mechanical adhesives.
  • The timber and steel adhesive bond can be quite easily calculated in advance with the load capacity of an adhesive dowel.