HBV references| Chiemgau Arena Ruhpolding, Germany

CLIENT: Community of Ruhpolding
COUNTRY: Germany
YEAR: 2010
SURFACE: Span width 16.20 m
Breite 14.50 m
MATERIALS: concrete, timber
PROJEKT TEAM: Bauingenieur-Gemeinschaft Traumtal GmbH
Schaffitzel Holzindustrie GmbH
TiComTec GmbH
PHOTOS: Oliver Bletz-Mühldorfer

In March 2010 the groundbreaking ceremony for the first timber and concrete composite bridge using HBV systems in Germany took place in the Chiemgau-Arena in Ruhpolding.

The construction with a span width of 10.60 m + 5.60 m and a width of 14.50 m is used as entry into the Chiemgau-Arena and connects different stadium parts. The HBV bridge is used as a traverse by the winter sports athletes as well as by the up to 12 ton snow groomers. In this bridge construction all bearing forces are conveyed by glued-in steel rods. Thus we got very filigree, architecturally unimposing steel connectors with few visible bolts, which are only meant as fixing means for mounting and as transverse tension safety device.