HSK references | Hall in the mountains St. Moritz, Switzerland

CLIENT: Private client
COUNTRY: Switzerland
YEAR: 2008
SURFACE: Span width 12 m
MATERIALS: timber, steel
PROJEKT TEAM: Holzbaugröber GmbH
Hochschule RheinMain
TiComTec GmbH
PHOTOS: Peter Gröber

After developing a dimensioning approach for the HSK frame corner, the first pilot project could be implemented in form of an agriculturally used hall in the mountains near St. Moritz in Switzerland. The building is located about 1400 m above sea level and is accessible for big transports and vehicles only with great difficulties. So for the glulam trusses a load-bearing structure had to be chosen, with was easily transportable and could be mounted on the spot. Our HSK systems were able to meet these demands.