HBV references | Residence reconstruction, Germany

CATEGORY: Residence
CLIENT: Private client
COUNTRY: Germany
YEAR: 2015
SURFACE: 100 m²
MATERIALS: concrete, timber
PROJECT TEAM: ZK-Architekten
Quadrat Architektur
Holzbau Rahm
Ingenieurbüro Rainer Bahmer
TiComTec GmbH
PHOTOS: Michael Magiera

Starting point of this project was a typical detached house built in 1956. The living space was 80 m² on the ground floor and 58 m² on the top floor. After conveyance of property to the young building owner by her parents a modern house for two generations was planned. Living space for the parents on the ground floor, space for up to 4 people on the top floor – this was the desired aim. The structural conditions benefitted from the use of an innovative timber cubic frame construction, attached directly to the roof. The timber beam ceiling of the old house was supported in statics and building physics by our HBV reconstruction system.

The new living room ceiling above the new carport was constructed as a HBV panel ceiling. This way the whole building could be stiffened. Additionally there was an energetical remediation by insulation between the rafters and a thermal insulation composite system of the walls, entirely following the KfW energy-efficiency standards. The new cubic building is now used in all three floors: On the ground floor the new HBV panel ceiling forms a carport for two cars.

On the top floor the living space was expanded from 58m² to 100 m², and the roof is used as a deck. This innovative idea was topped off by a front facing made of horizontally mounted larch timber, giving the cubic shape a modern look.