HSK references | Tripods in Wallmerod, Germany

CATEGORY: Special construction
CLIENT: Municipality of Wallmerod
COUNTRY: Germany
YEAR: 2015
SURFACE: 12 Tripods
MATERIALS: timber, steel
PROJEKT TEAM: Hochschule Trier
Faber Abbundtechnik GmbH
TiComTec GmbH

The municipality of Wallmerod, located in the Westerwald district in the German federal state Rhineland-Palatinate, assigned the company Faber Abbundtechnik to build 12 so called Tripods for their open air swimming pool. These are meant to provide for sufficient shade to the visitors in the summer, especially to the small children in the paddling pools. It was calculated that the paddling pool is shaded by the Tripods by at least 30 %. The project was supported and co-financed by the EU’s European Fonds for Regional Development.

The Tripod is a development of the teaching and research range „Timber“ at Hochschule Trier. Faber Abbundtechnik, who implemented this project in cooperation with Hochschule Trier, contacted us in course of their search for innovative technology for the planned “knot solution“ of the Tripods. The appealing and at the same time functional design of the Tripod led to specific demands concerning the means of connection. These demands could only be met by our HSK systems. The knod solution now rests upon our HSK systems and a patented casting technology in CADCAM based joinery. Within the scope of the Tripod project the company Faber Abbundtechnik was coached by the CEO of TiComTec GmbH, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Rainer Bahmer regarding the adhesion of the HSK systems.