HSK references | Timbertower Special Construction, Germany

CATEGORY: Special construction
CLIENT: TimberTower GmbH
COUNTRY: Germany
YEAR: 2012
SURFACE: Height of the tower 100 m
MATERIALS: timber, steel
PROJEKT TEAM: TimberTower GmbH
TiComTec GmbH
PHOTOS: Leander Bathon, Rainer Bahmer

Good things come to those who wait: on 20th December 2012 the first timber tower for wind turbines, with a hub height of 100 m, was dedicated and activated near Hanover. The HSK systems of TiComTec enabled the construction of such superlative towers.

The challenges a timber tower for wind turbines has to meet:

  • high forces in the load application points
  • dynamic effects on the fasteners

The solution could only be a fastener which weakens the construction parts in their diameters only slightly, passes the forces not as points but in surface, shows a ductile conduct in case of failure and is exactly calculable for dynamic evaluations. The HSK systems with glued-in steel parts met these demands and could for the first time be used with great success in the test tower of TimberTower GmbH. Before this, in 2010, a test tower of 25 m height had been set up.