HSK references| University of British Columbia, Canada

CATEGORY: Community Building
CLIENT: University of British Columbia
YEAR: 2011
SURFACE: ca. 8,000m²
MATERIALS: concrete, timber, steel
PROJEKT TEAM: Equilibrium Consulting Inc.
Structurlam Products Ltd.
TiComTec GmbH
PHOTOS: Equilibrium Consulting Inc.

On the premises of University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver a new laboratory building was built in timber construction. The floor ceilings between the single floors (about 8,000 m²) were effected as HBV panel ceilings. The planners explicitly informed themselves in Germany about the state of technology in timber and concrete composite systems. In the end the builders and engineers were convinced by the effectiveness and efficiency of the HBV systems.

The unsupported staircase constructions („flying staircase“) are built in timber and are a true masterpiece of timber engineering. In connecting the single elements and modules of these stairs HSK systems were able to demonstrate their full power. An impressive and at the same time challenging project could be realised by us.

A multitude of HSK plates are worked into the corner points of stair flights and landings. The HSK plates are welded onto a thick steel plate and were glued in at the site. Thus they perform a virtually stark connection between the timber elements and allow the broad jetty of the staircase into the clear space.

The head landings are embedded in the HBV ceilings of the adjacent floors.